Do you need to re-design or optimize an existing API synthesis route?

Dr. Ingo Bauer, Principal Scientist – Pharma & Chemistry

for the successful implementation of stable processes


Whether developing new processes or optimizing existing processes – a team of experienced scientists, project leaders and laboratory assistants supports research and development projects from chemical custom synthesis in the laboratory to the transmission of synthesis routes to production scale as an independent service provider.

In-process analysis that is developed and validated in the analytical laboratories of Suisse Technolgy Partners Ltd. and, if necessary transferred to the laboratories of the customer is an important component for the successful and quick realization of projects on behalf of the customer.


Do you need external resources to implement and promote your research topics and projects in the clinical API development?

Do you need to re-design or optimize an existing API synthesis route?

Suisse TP is an outsourcing partner for the complete clinical API development process and in its GMP qualified laboratories it also takes care of the development, optimizing, validation and transfer of process-related analytical methods that are subject to approval.

The team focuses on an efficient order treatment that is especially tailored to the customer’s requirements. The aim of the service is to enhance the value chain of the customer despite own capacity problems through competence in clinical API development and not only to save time and effort through optimized processes, but also to deliver high-quality results.


The many years of experience of the scientists at Suisse TP in chemical process development for various branches of industry as well as their passion for organic synthesis chemistry form the basis for the successful handling of projects on behalf of customers.

New or predefined chemical synthesis routes are developed or optimized under consideration of the best technological conditions and thus guarantee robust as well as economical and efficient manufacturing processes for products.

If there are problems with existing processes, Suisse TP offers support in finding solutions and develops optimized process parameters.

In the analysis laboratories of Suisse TP, customer-specific methods can be implemented as well as new, process-relevant methods and complete analysis packages for the later production process can be developed, validated and transferred to external laboratories on request.


Suisse TP synthesizes the desired chemical compound on a laboratory scale for its customers, independent of the industry sector.

The pharmaceutical industry benefits from the custom synthesis of commercially unavailable reference compounds, specific impurities, exclusive synthesis building blocks or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Chemical compounds are also synthesized for customers from other industries such as the chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

The characterization of the synthesized substances is carried out by various methods directly in the modern analytical laboratories of Suisse TP. At the customer’s request, substance qualifications can also be carried out as an analytical service and CoA can be issued.


Whether new production processes are developed for our customers or tailor-made chemical substances are synthesized, the experienced scientists and project managers at Suisse TP also provide support when it comes to establishing synthesis routes on a larger scale.

Right from the start of synthesis development, great importance is attached to economically feasible process design and the avoidance of unsuitable technologies. This is particularly important in order to ensure stable and cost-optimized product manufacture after the transfer from laboratory to production scale.