Suisse Technology Partners was founded in 2011, just six months after its very first conception – that was amazing.

four elements, just one package

An incredible journey of innovation and entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinarity, high concentration on the job, efficiency
and speed at the transaction. It is not just words – it is part of
our company’s DNA.


We are a well-established company in Pharma & Chemistry and Materials Technology formerly coming out from one of the most renowned Research Center of Switzerland (Alusuisse Lonza Group) . Our ever-growing customer base profits from our broad range of expertise and turnkey solutions.

Within five years of establishing ourselves as an independent technology company in 2011, we acquired over 1000 new clients after the management buy out. In order to meet growing customer requirements, we relocated to a new and modern facility in Neuhausen in 2018. Across 2500 square meters, today’s Suisse Technology Partners (Suisse TP) offers its clients innovative technology, processes and know-how.


Our experts have the experience and focus to generate high added value. Coming from Pharmaceutical-, Chemical-, or Metal- Industry – our self responsible and highly motivated team members all have the same gene: They think and act like entrepreneurs. Each of us is taking responsibility for what we do and the whole team is willing to succeed. That brings our ideas to life.