Focusing on specific topics allows going deeper into complex challenges.


research, develop, optimize, analyze


As an independent company, Suisse Technology Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of services specifically tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Its expertise in various specialist areas offers customers complete solutions from a single source. Customer orders are processed efficiently and uncomplicatedly.

In addition to competent consulting, the portfolio of the business unit Pharma & Chemistry of Suisse TP includes services ranging from custom synthesis and process developments to analytical services in certified and accredited laboratories and up-scaling of newly developed production processes in the customer’s own production facilities.


In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also use our extensive laboratories specifically for services in which our experts have acquired particularly in-depth knowledge and experience over the years.

Custom Synthesis

We have special expertise in custom synthesis and thus in the development of commercially unavailable reference compounds, specific impurities, exclusive synthetic building blocks or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Non-Biological Complex Drugs (NBCDs)

Non-biological complex drugs (NBCDs) consist of large molecules with high molecular weight and often nanoparticulate structures (including liposomes and block copolymer micelles). In the case of NBCDs, the entire complex is the active pharmaceutical ingredient and its properties cannot be fully characterized by physicochemical analysis. Moreover, the manufacturing process is fundamental in creating the correct originator product. Without specializing into such complex topic it wouldn’t be possible to serve our customers in a way that would meet our own expectations.


Cannabinoids belong to the narcotics and are therefore subject to the “handling of controlled substances”. We have specialized in this handling and have obtained a license / operating permit from Swiss Medic. This enables us to fully support our customers in the development of drugs for the treatment of chronic pain conditions, spasticity / epilepsy and convulsions.